Regional Directors

CGEP Regional Directors plan and implement programs in their regions to support the local professional learning needs of educators. Due to the integrated and inclusive nature of global education, Regional Directors work across disciplines and grade levels to support the development of global citizenship in all students. CGEP Regional Directors also work collaboratively across the state to share and improve programs and resources, and to reach California educators outside of these five designated regions.  


Connie DeCapite

CGEP @ CSU Fullerton

formerly Fullerton International Resources for Schools and Teachers (FIRST)

Connie is the Director of Fullerton International Resources for Schools and Teachers (FIRST) at California State University, Fullerton.  She taught intermediate school language arts and history in Santa Ana Unified School District where she also served as a Title I coordinator, a district curriculum specialist, an elementary resource teacher, and as a professional development coordinator for a school dropout prevention grant. A California Golden Bell was awarded for her curriculum, Language Arts Through Critical Thinking. At FIRST, Connie has worked with teacher leadership teams to develop K-12 interdisciplinary institutes on U.S. and the World,  world history, world religions, global issues, and world cultures to help prepare teachers to globalize the classroom curriculum.  Real-world writing and research, teamwork, project-based learning, and discussion are among the active student strategies that are highlighted in these programs. Her driving force in this work is the belief that peace can only be achieved through knowledge and understanding of one another. Connie loves to travel and learn about the many wonderful cultures of the world to increase her own global competence. 

Barbara Doten.png

Barbara Vallejo Doten

CGEP @ CSU Long Beach

Barbara taught history-social science and foundations of law courses in the Law Academy at Juan R. Cabrillo High School in the Long Beach Unified School District. With the exception of three years as the Teaching American History Grant Coordinator in the Los Angeles County Office of Education, Barbara's teaching career spans 36 years as a middle and high school teacher in the Los Angeles and Long Beach Unified school districts. She became a National Board Certified Teacher in History/Social Science in 2007 and has taught instructional methodology courses at CSU Long Beach and CSU Dominguez Hills since 2005. She holds a BA (History/Political Science) and MA (Education) degree from CSU Los Angeles, as well as a Bilingual Certificate of Competency in Spanish. In 2004, the California Council for the Social Studies recognized Barbara as the High School Teacher of the Year. Most recently, she has written and received grants from UCLA's Center X and the LA County Education Foundation to incorporate culturally relevant curricula and civics into the secondary curricula. As a result of these grants, her civic team at Juan R. Cabrillo High School has received accreditation as one of the first Democracy Schools in the state of California.

Rolland J.JPG

Rolland Janairo

CGEP @ World Savvy

formerly Bay Area Global Education Project (BAGEP)

Rolland joined World Savvy in February 2014 as the Director of Finance and Administration and now serves as its National Director of Partnerships. Born and raised in New York City, he developed an appreciation for the vastness of the world through periodic trips to visit family in the Philippines. Rolland graduated from Brown University in 2002, volunteering and teaching at a local Providence preschool for a number of years. He earned his Masters in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. During his time in Boston, Rolland was the Associate Director of Teacher Development at Jumpstart for Young Children, as well as the Director of Playmaker Operations at Life is Good Playmakers. At Playmakers, he helped establish a formal office in Port-au-Prince as their mission spread internationally.


Kelly Leon

CGEP @ San Diego State

formerly International Studies Teacher Education Project (ISTEP)

Kelly is a History-Social Science Teacher at Bonita Vista High School in the Sweetwater Union High School District. She also teaches Social Studies Methods, Social Foundations, and co-leads the Generation Global Single-Subject Credential Cohort at San Diego State University for the Teacher Education Department in the College of Education. Kelly earned her BA in International Business and her MA in Policy Studies in Education from SDSU. In Sweetwater, she and her colleague, Gina Vattuone, are working with teachers to create a Global Scholars Initiative that seeks to develop students’ global competencies and encourages them to be agents of change. Kelly is a proud member of both the California Council for the Social Studies and the California Geographic Alliance. When she is not teaching she enjoys spending time with her four daughters, traveling, reading, and thinking about local and global politics.


Nancy Case Rico

CGEP @ Sonoma State

formerly North Bay International Studies Project (NBISP)

Nancy has been teaching Social Studies/History with an English Language Development (ELD) emphasis for 27 years. She began her career as a high school history teacher for 10 years. In 1999, in her 8th year of secondary teaching, she began to teach in the School of Education at Sonoma State. Nancy is beginning her 19th year as School of Education faculty, mostly teaching preservice courses, and has taught the History Methods course for the past 14 years. While teaching at SSU, Nancy was fortunate enough to coordinate programs for the North Bay International Studies Project (NBISP), including six different Teaching American History Projects over a 10-year span. Working for NBISP with skilled practicing teachers and preservice candidates allowed Nancy to develop a very unique opportunity to consult with districts and help teachers transition to the Common Core curriculum. She had the honor of working as a Literacy Consultant for the past 4 years in a local district where she co-taught classes and led professional development with teacher leaders. Nancy is looking forward to the new challenges of CGEP and to beginning a new academic journey with her dedicated global education team.


Thomas Herman

California Geographic Alliance

Tom serves as Director of the California Geographic Alliance. In this capacity, he explores, expands, and explains the field of geography education while developing and delivering professional learning experiences for K-12 educators. He works with local, state and national education organizations to promote contemporary geography education and meaningful use of geospatial technologies. He finds innovative ways to increase support and resources for K-12 geography education in California and increase the number of students choosing geography as a field of study at the college level. In addition, as Director of the Young People’s Environments, Society and Space (YESS) Research Center at San Diego State University, Tom provides technical assistance, in the form of program evaluation and program development, to community-based and youth- and family-serving programs. His goal is to partner with non-profit organizations and local governments to provide strategic support for programs that make a positive impact on children, families, and neighborhoods. Tom is Adjunct Professor of Geography at San Diego State University with more than twenty years of experience teaching urban, social, and cultural geography as well as research techniques. His research interests focus on the social geographies of children, families, and communities as well as the evolution of urban neighborhoods. He earned his BA in Geography from Villanova University, MA in Geography from New Mexico State University, and Ph.D. in Geography from SDSU and UC Santa Barbara. Tom is a humanist and a passionate geographer who is endlessly interested in people's geographic experiences and strategies and in finding ways to support all kinds of people in having a high quality of life and opportunities for self-expression.

Statewide Office STaff

The CGEP Statewide Office provides leadership and support for all CGEP regional sites, collaborates with California Subject Matter Projects, communicates with state officials and partners, and seeks to serve underrepresented areas of the state in global education matters.

Emily M. Schell

California Global Education Project Executive Director


Emily earned her B.A. in Diversified Liberal Arts from the University of San Diego, M.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University, and Ed.D. in Education Leadership from the University of San Diego. After working as an editor for school publications, she served as a teacher, district Social Studies Resource Teacher, and principal in San Diego Unified. She was the K-12 History-Social Science Coordinator for the San Diego County Office of Education, joined the Teacher Education faculty at San Diego State University, and served as Liaison for the National Geographic Education Foundation. Emily remains active in the California Geographic Alliance and California Council for the Social Studies. Her work in geography education, Social Studies education, interdisciplinary and equitable teaching and learning, and Linked Learning contributes greatly to her vision for global education. With years of experience in teaching, administration, writing, editing, curriculum development, and professional learning, Emily is enthusiastic about leading the California Global Education Project. 

Stephanie Duran

California Global Education Project Program Manager


Stephanie graduated from San Diego State University in December 2015 with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Counseling & Social Change. She earned her master's degree in Counseling in 2018. During her years as an undergraduate, Stephanie worked with the School of Teacher Education and demonstrated the organizational skills, leadership, and work ethic necessary to lead the CGEP Statewide Office in the SDSU College of Education.

Stephanie's commitment to global education relates to her personal experiences in a binational region -- born in San Diego and raised in Tijuana -- and firm belief that planting seeds of global competence in young learners leads to a better and more sustainable world where cultural differences are embraced. She envisions for future generations life with a strong foundation of peace, harmony, and love -- free of judgment and hatred. Most importantly, Stephanie is the proud mother of a brilliant, young global citizen named Imani. 


Mely Quiroz

Graduate Assistant

Mely is our graduate assistant. Mely goes by neutral pronouns: they, them, theirs. They are a graduate student in the Community Based Block Program at San Diego State University pursuing their Masters degree in Multicultural Social Justice Community Counseling. Mely was born and raised in City Heights, San Diego to immigrant parents and is first in their family to attend and complete a college degree. Mely is passionate about connecting with others, supporting folks in their healing process, and bringing compassion to their work and social context. In their free time, Mely likes to stay active. You can find them biking, hiking, or at the beach. Most importantly, Mely believes in having fun while working hard and spreading love while we learn.


Y. Barry Chung

Principal Investigator

Dr. Y. Barry Chung joined San Diego State University as dean of the College of Education in 2018. With a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Dr. Chung served on the faculty at Georgia State University, Northeastern University, and Indiana University Bloomington. He has been active in professional organizations, rising to leadership positions in many of them. He was elected in 2007 as a fellow of the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Division 17, the Society of Counseling Psychology. He is also a fellow of three additional APA divisions; a member of the organization’s policy-making Council of Representatives; and a member of the APA’s Finance Committee, which manages a $126 million annual budget. In 2014, Dr. Chung received an APA presidential citation for his scholarship in career development; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues; multicultural counseling and for his exemplary leadership and service. That recognition was followed three years later by the Shining Star Award given at the APA’s National Multicultural Conference and Summit. He has also served as president of the National Career Development Association and is a fellow of the Asian American Psychological Association.

Born in Hong Kong, Dr. Chung completed his undergraduate degree in Taiwan. He described his early days as a graduate student in the United States as a time of personal re-evaluation. “My identity shifted dramatically,” Dr. Chung said. “It shifted from being in the majority [in Hong Kong] to the minority. Suddenly, I was an immigrant and person of color, and then I came out as a gay man.” These identity shifts exposed Dr. Chung to cultural and social justice issues and discrimination. He became involved in advocacy work, quickly translating his experiences into scholarship and leadership opportunities. Early in his career, Dr. Chung published several peer-reviewed journal articles and presented at conferences on topics such as factors affecting the educational aspirations of black males and the career interests and aspirations of gay men.

CGEP is honored to have Dr. Chung serve as our PI for both the Statewide Office and CGEP@SDSU regional site.